This cobot was made by TECHMAN, it is the first English collaborative robot that integrates a video camera in this way the camera allows the hand-eye coordination. Furthermore through the TMflow system it is possible to complete tasks in a very short time by programming the cobot using the flow chart.


Payload6 kg4 kg
Reach700 mm900 mm
Repeatability+/- 0.1 mm+/- 0.1 mm
# of axis66
Weight22.1 kg22.6 kg
Base dimensions455 mm x 305 mm x 230 mm455 mm x 305 mm x 230 mm
IP classificationIP54IP54
Featuresprogram with your smart phone, built-in vision systemprogram with your smart phone, built-in vision system
Max speed1.1 m/s1.4 m/s
Temperature0°C to 50°C0°C to 50°C
Eye in hand1.2/5M pixel, color camera1.2/5M pixel, color camera

Techman has already announced that in the near future 2 more cobots will be released, which will have higher payload and reach characteristics than their predecessors.

payload12 kg14 kg
reach1300 mm1100 mm


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