The main advantages of using cobots compared to traditional robots are basically five.





Unlike industrial robots, which need to be programmed to work, cobots can learn work in progress, replicating the moviments shown to them by the operator.


The cobot works side by side with the worker, interacting with him in the same environment. This cohabitation is made possible by the fact that co-robots are equipped with security sensors that allow the control of forces and the monitoring of what happens around them.


Transferring the cobots to new processes is quick and easy, and this gives the flexibility to automate almost all manual tasks, including small ones or quick changes.


Cobots are not affected by the traditional added costs associated with robot programming, set up and dedicated shilded work cells. In this way robotic automation is affordable for small and medium sized enterprises too.


All the previous advantages bring automatically at this one and the productivity goes up.

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