PAVP6/VS6, PF3400, PP100

These cobots were produced by PRECISE AUTOMATION.

PF3400 is the world’s first collaborative four axis SCARA robot, it is one of the fastest cobot on the market and its applications are: science/laboratory automation, small parts handling and consumer electronics testing.

The PP100 is the world's only collaborative Cartesian robot. Its novel mechanical design offers a price below most collaborative robots and lowers the overall costs of table top applications. It is the right choice if the application only requires simple X or Y or Z motions and collaborative operation is important.

PAVP6/VS6 are two models of cobot that operate with different reach and payload, It is the right choice If the application requires collaborative operation with 6 degrees-of-freedom.



ManufacturerPrecise AutomationPrecise AutomationPrecise AutomationPrecise Automation
Payload2.5kg if gripper pointed down within +/-45 degrees. 2.0kg
if gripper tilted up more than +/-45 degrees.
7.0kg if gripper pointed down with +/-45 degrees. 6.0kg if
gripper tilted up more than +/-45 degrees
3kg including gripper, 2.5kg with typical 0.5kg gripper2 kg with gripper option. 3 kg with XZ or XYZ configuration without Theta and gripper
Reach\\No gripper version: 588 mm to center of ISO mounting flange
Servo gripper version: 662 mm end of finger mounts


20 microns at center of tool flange30 microns at center of tool flange+/- 90 μm overall in x, y & z directions at 18-22 degrees C+/- 100 μm overall in X, Y and Z directions at 18-22 degrees C


Cycle Time

Collaborative Mode: 1.6 seconds for standard 25 mm x
300 mm x 25 mm cycle with 1kg payload
Collaborative Mode: 2.5 seconds for standard 25 mm x 300 mm x 25 mm cycle with 1kg payload
Standard Mode: < 1 second
500mm/sec in Z, 1,500mm/sec in horizontal plane with 1kg payload1,500 mm/sec in X/Y
Weight17 kg typical3 kg typical20 kg for 400 mm travel version20 kg for 635 mm travel version, 32 kg for 1270 mm travel version
# of Axis:6644
IP ClassificationISO/TS 15066ISO/TS 15066ISO/TS 15066ISO/TS 15066


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